This site has been built by the Tendring Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale to showcase the historic pubs of Old Harwich.

The project would never have got off the ground without the work of the Harwich Society, who have worked tirelessly to preserve essential elements of Harwich & Dovercourt History for many years, and Peter Goodwin, whose fantastic book, Harwich & Dovercourt Pubs, inspired the creation of this site.

Large sections of Peter's research and archive collection have been referenced and used with his permission and Dave Whittle and Steve Delves from the Harwich Society have contributed their great knowledge of the town and provided access into the Harwich Society's archives.

If you liked the Historic Harwich Pub Trail check out Steve Delves' site Harwich & Dovercourt - A Time Gone By which has much more on the history of Harwich and Dovercourt.

The Harwich Pub Trail logo was designed by Harwich artist Roger Hamer and the site design is by Bill Unsworth at Broad Bean Design.

The project has also greatly benefited from Ken Brand's trawling of newspaper archives and eye for Harwich pub stories.

The site itself is designed to be as simple to use and uncomplicated as possible and is built in around 1MB of dedicated HTML, CSS and JavaScript. None of this would be possible without web open standards, OpenStreetMap and the Leaflet JavaScript Library.

Finally we raise a tankard to the fantastic publicans of Harwich and beyond, past and present, who give us somewhere to relax, unwind and talk about our favourite things over a pint. Cheers!

Historic Harwich Pub Trail is a collaboration between the Tendring Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale and the Harwich Society.
All copyright is retained by the authors. All rights reserved.