Harwich is a historic seaport in the north east corner of the county of Essex in the UK and for centuries was a bustling place where travellers, sailors and tradespeople went about their business. The old town has now settled down to a slower pace of life and is a fascinating place to explore and while away a few hours, unlocking some of the secrets of the past and enjoying some up-to-date food and drink.

Pubs are so important because they have always been a melting pot and, despite changing times, a constant, classless facility for all. In following the history of pubs you actually end up observing the history of a town and beyond and Harwich is particularly interesting because of its important status as a major seaport. Harwich is reputed to have once had the highest density of pubs in the land and looking at those historic pubs today provides a fascinating window back through time.

This site is designed to help you get the most out of your visit whether you are interested in history or finding something to eat and drink. Using our tour guide you can see how the town has evolved over the years, finding the sites of long-gone pubs and soaking up the atmosphere in still-thriving establishments.

We really hope you enjoy your visit – cheers!

Historic Harwich Pub Trail is a collaboration between the Tendring Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale and the Harwich Society.
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